Zadeikis, Donatas

Donatas Zadeikis

Donatas Zadeikis was born in Siauliai, Lithuania and, since 1994, has lived in Chicago and since 2014 resides in Arizona. Donatas established local civic acclaim for art early in life with several local exhibitions and shows throughout Lithuania, such as Siauliai Art Museum and Gallery of Modern Art, Vilnius Museum of Fine arts. He also received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Art School of Siauliai and Collage Functional/Applied Arts in Telsiai Lithuania. 

Donatas early works consisted of ink drawings, oils, pastels and charcoal sketches. In 1994 Donatas came to the United States of America, his adopted home, and was part of the Chicago Art Open exhibition.

His interest in art is always expanding; Donatas has developed a genre that can be considered surrealism/pseudo-realistic/modern abstract. His work unites still life and alternate world vision to convey the message of his personal life and experiences. Although he doesn?t consider himself to be highly influenced by any one artist?s his admiration for Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec are recognized through his own artistic style. Donatas currently works in oils, pastels, watercolors, digital media and photography. He has been involved in multiple group shows and has sold his work to European and American collectors.

Today some of Donatas' paintings are located in Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and Scottsdale, AZ.

To find out more please call directly: 480 707 2191

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