Haselton, Lia Matevosyan

Lia Matevosyan Haselton


Lia S. Matevosyan Haselton was born in Armenia, one of the former Soviet Republics of the USSR. She was professionally trained as a classical violinist and was a member of the Armenian radio and TV National Symphony Orchestra.

A Christmas present from her husband- a box of art supplies, sparked a desire in her heart to paint. Immigration to the USA in 2002 opened new opportunities for her artistic creativity. Lia continues to study, sharpen and improve her knowledge of Art at the Scottsdale Artists' School in Arizona where she been juried and accepted to participate in The Best and the Brightest show many times, which is an annual show where the best student show their work.

Heavily influenced by masters such as K.Korovin, N.Fechin, S. Bongard, O. Berberian, M. Maczuga and S. Apinchapong-Yang; she also gains inspiration from nature and the beautiful faces of children and adults. Lia creates oil paintings in an impressionistic style. To her painting is like music where she orchestrates color and harmony with dynamic brushstrokes. She has been a member of The Sonoran Art League in Scottsdale Arizona since 2015. Lia has trained as an artist and has had her work collected in Europe and the United States.

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