Immekus, Kathy

Kathy Immekus

Kathy Immekus hand paints her skulls through 5 step finishing process. Each piece of leather (Lamb, Goat, Deer, Cow & Buffalo hides) used are only of the finest grade available in the United States. Kathy has searched for many years for only natural feathers from Turkeys, Pheasants and Peacocks and semi-precious stones - wherever she finds beauty. Kathy's studio is located in beautiful Cave Creek AZ where she is blessed with the vast stars at night and the beautiful sunsets every day.

Each piece Kathy makes is created in an organic process determining its own path to completion. The materials used inform the direction the piece takes to its destination and are one of a kind.

See more of her work at or contact her at KATHY@CREEKERSKULLS.COM for commission inquiries.

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