Hunt, Dadra

Dadra Hunt

Dadra Hunt, aka dhSeadragon, is a metal sculptor. Her unique wildlife art and custom pet portraits are extremely detailed and dimensional. Using memories, photographs, and mental images formed from feelings or impressions, Dadra forges her metal works. Each one-of-a-kind piece is hand cut and shaped, then layered, welded, and colored. Often she incorporates items such as stained glass, feathers, semi precious stones, and crystals to enhance her sculptures. Her finished works are not only true-to-life, but convey a strong sense of character. This is achieved through the positioning of a piece, the expression on a face, and depth from the textures and layering of the metal.

Making the world a brighter place, one smile at a time!

Dadra Hunt was born in the picturesque town of Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island in Washington. Early on she was taught to respect and admire nature, and to this day she loves spending her free time out exploring the great outdoors.

This deep appreciation for nature and an extensive background in art helped lead Dadra Hunt, a.k.a. dhSeadragon, to the sculptural path on which she now travels.
Through her metal wildlife art and pet portraits, she strives for detail, dimensionality, and individual personality. Her sculptures also reveal a reflection of her own spirit and happy-go-lucky nature.

Dadra was first introduced to metal working while going through the fine arts program at the University of Arizona where she attained her BFA.
It was also at the University that Dadra began using the pseudonym, dhSeadragon. She had a class project to come up with an art name. dhSeadragon is the first letter of her first and last name. Seadragon is a nickname given to her by her father. She has been signing her art with this name ever since.

Each of her sculptures are hand cut and unique. The raw metal is hammered and shaped then layered. Acids, paints, and sometimes heat lend to the final process.
Dadra credits her dogs, Olive and Stanley, for being her initial inspiration for her pet portraits and wildlife sculptures. She was overjoyed when shortly after capturing Stanley’s likeness, she began receiving commissions to do more sculptures.

dhSeadragon Distinctive Designs have been seen at the Shemer Art Center, The Gallery at el Pedregal, and the Sonoran Arts League in AZ, The Coupeville Festivals of Art, Spoiled Dog Winery, and Friday Harbor Art Festival in WA. Her pet portraits have been featured in an article in the Associated Press and in the Dig It section of Dogster Magazine. She participates in charity event and fund raisers for organizations such as Lost Our Home Foundation, Liberty Wildlife, and HALO...

Being a supporter of people and places that care for and find homes for pets, or rehabilitate and advocate for our wildlife, dhSeadragon gives a portion of proceeds to several of her favorite charities.

Hearing heartwarming stories with the lovable pictures, and happy memories, makes Dadra thrilled to be doing what she does. Through her sculptures, she feels she is making the world a brighter place, one smile at a time.

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