Hamilton, S.L.

S.L. Hamilton

Almost every image Sandra creates recounts a human story, even though she seldom portrays actual human beings. Where possible, she posts the story along with the image.

Sandra finds her images via her road travels. When she feels transported to spaces of joy or sheer awe, she pulls out her camera! These places may delight her or tickle her funny bone; sometimes they draw a tear or two. They are often little expressions of humor, good will, mystery, or just someone's declaration, "I was here."

Sandra has an advertising background, in both art direction and copywriting. She wanted to re-create the promises of adventure and fun promoted by the mid-century billboards, print ads and corny tourist stops she loved as a child. The actual products and destinations didn't always deliver, but those ads never failed to fire her imagination, making the possibilities come alive.

Eventually, Sandra discovered digital photography and its associated artistic tools. They became the keys to her creative castle. Now she is able to capture anything she encounters, create her own fantasies via coloration and style, and uncover the stories that her subjects had been keeping to themselves.

Sandra has always been a bit of an exaggerator - she tends to embellish her conversations by adding just a little more color, intrigue, and meaning than the subject may actually call for. She is also an exaggerator of photo images she creates. She does not hesitate to "enlarge" either a color or a story. It's how she see the world. To her, it's a spectacular excess of beauty, humor, sweetness and poignancy. That is what she tries to communicate in her art.

She knows not everybody sees or experiences things as she does. But if you feel moved to stop and feel the spirit moving within her images and stories, maybe even experience some of these destinations for yourself, then Sandra considers her job complete. She hopes you enjoy her work, and the world that inspires it.


S.L. Hamilton holds a BFA degree in Visual Communications/Graphic Design. Her professional background positions include art director and copywriter for several large international ad agencies. She has also worked as a professional illustrator. Currently S.L. Hamilton is now a photographer/digital artist, and she has earned her living as a Photoshop artist for the last 18 years.

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