Gullwing, Byur

Byur Gullwing

Personal portrait sculpture is Byur Gullwing's specialty. He creates exact sculptural images of faces, torsos, and hands by means of "lifecasting" - the technique of building a negative mold of the person, then using various materials to create the finished product. Byur loves the human form in all its beauty, variety, and complexity. The human body is a subject that never ceases to delight and intrigue his artistic eye. Byur's finished pieces can be of a wide variety of materials including plaster, fiberglass reinforced gypsum, aluminum, or bronze. Some pieces are made from cold-cast (metal powders mixed with epoxy) copper, brass, bronze, or nickel-steel. Byur also works in cast iron, transparent plastic, ceramic, and he has completed two glass torso projects.

Twenty some odd years ago, on a long weekend in Sedona, Byur and his wife were touring the galleries when he said to her: "These bronzes are beautiful, but I think I could do as well as at least half of these artists." Her reply was: "Go for it!!"

At his studio in Scottsdale, Byur does sculpture portraits on commission, but will also produce commissioned figure studies of hired models on request. He has a number of gallery sculptures available in stock, as well as molds to make pieces on a custom order basis, in a wide variety of materials and finishes.

See more of Bill's work on his website: 


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