Bruce, Judy

Judy Paxon Bruce

Judy Paxton Bruce was born in the small town of Danville, Illinois on a lake with forests and gardens surrounding her. Everyone knew, even when she was young, that Judy was an artist because of her constant coloring, drawing and fantasizing. From fourth grade on, her teachers sat her at the back of the classroom painting for local art contests. She has always been passionate about color, texture, expression and uniqueness and figural work. In college, painting, as well as printmaking, was a passion but after walking into a classroom, she fell in love with teaching and spent thirty-five years working in elementary and junior high art. During that time she spent summers painting and had an antique and fold art business. Soon after retirement, Judy and her husband Jim moved to Cave Creek after falling in love with its beauty and serenity. Judy now paints and works with mixed media full time in her studio on Galloway Wash.

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