Brongo, Sylvia Fugmann

Sylvia Fugmann Brongo

I have been an artist all of my life. I remember painting pinecones on my family kitchen table when I was 5 or 6 years old. It evolved from there. I've been creating and selling my ceramic clay vessels, sculpture, and paintings since 1983.
Originally from Upstate New York, I moved to Cave Creek, Arizona in 2006. I had traveled to Phoenix many times to visit my younger sister who moved here in 1989. I enjoyed escaping New York winters, and exploring National Parks, and eventually found a true appreciation of the majestic Sonoran Desert.
While living in upstate New York, on 32 beautiful acres, I traveled to hundreds of juried art shows in the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest selling my work. I have also participated in tradeshows in Valley Forge, Philadelphia, and Boston, where I sold works to galleries and fine craft shops nationwide. Between selling wholesale and retail, I spent many 70+ hours per week designing, creating, marketing, and selling my work. Currently my work can be found at the Wild Holly Gallery in Carefree, Arizona.
I enjoy the adventure and challenges of living in the Cave Creek artist filled community. I continue to explore the natural wonders of my environment to further inspire my artistic creativity. My ceramic pieces are slab built, carved and incised. I make vases, wall pieces, and outdoor sculpture using a variety of low fire and high fire clays. I spray colorful glazes onto the surface, enhancing the texture, and adding a sense of life-like movement.
I am a juried member of the Sonoran Arts League. I have taught several ceramics and mixed media workshops to children in our community. Please learn more about my clay work on my website at:

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